Topic'it Connect

Topic'it Connect is a secure single sign-on solution (SSO) for forums and their communities.
Add Topic'it Connect (login with your Topic'it account) to your forum from a desktop browser or from the mobile app.

Presentation of Topic'it Connect

To be able to participate in a discussion forum, a user must in most cases register, validate his account and then log in. These are mandatory steps to become a member and join the forum community. But filling out a registration or login form requires an effort from the user who often prefers to consult the forum without participating in it.

Topic'it Connect is a secure, single sign-on solution that aims to increase the number of registered and logged-in members on your forum. Most importantly, users enjoy a safe, fast and easy way to connect to your forum.

They can then quickly and easily create accounts and connect to your forum on the internet or on mobile devices.

Registering on Topic'it is quick and easy since users have 5 ways to register: create a Topic'it account via their e-mail address or in 1 click via their Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple account.

Topic'it Connect button appearance

Integrating Topic'it Connect into your forum allows you to display a Topic'it button on the sign-up and login pages. This Topic'it Connect button is similar to the "Facebook Login" or "Sign In With Google" buttons.

What does Topic'it Connect button look like on the forums? Once the Topic'it plugin is installed on your forum, you will see this button appear in addition to your registration and login form: apparence du Topic'it Connect sur un forum

Benefits of Topic'it Connect

Topic'it Connect is a solution entirely dedicated to online forums communities. In addition to a quick and easy installation, Topic'it confers many benefits to your forum:

  • All Topic'it accounts are validated with a verification of the e-mail address.
  • Members sign up to your forum with one click. This facilitates and increases enrollments.
  • By using Topic'it Connect for your new members registration, you automatically collect the member's information.
  • The Topic'it Connect button is an alternative to sign-in and sign-in forms, but does not replace it.
  • A Topic'it user can register and log in to all forums offering Topic'it Connect.
  • An option allows to assign to a specific group members who created an account using the Topic'it Connect.
  • A compatibility with your forum engine and the Topic'it mobile app.

The most significant benefit of Topic'it Connect is the interaction on your forum. Topic'it Connect allows for an increase in registered members, a significant increase in users connection to your forum and above all, an increase in the commitment of your members. In a few clicks, you boost the activity of your forum on the internet and on mobile!

Using the Topic'it Connect

ajouter-topicit-connect-forum connexion-avec-topicit-connect
  • Create an account

    New users can create an account on your forum with just one click. Their account is automatically validated while respecting the activation modalities of the forum (case of a private forum or a validation by an administrator for example).

  • Log in

    Members registered with Topic'it Connect, and even registered members, can log into your forum easily from their computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Follow his favorite forums

    Users can access their favorite forums from the Topic'it website or mobile app. They are also notified in real time of all the news of their followed forums.