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Topic'it is a free application for online forums- helping you and your members to follow and share their passions and hobbies. Administrators can register their forum in a minute. Their members enjoy a friendly navigation from their mobile!
Topic'it is the best way to browse your forums easily from your mobile. Administrators can register their forum for free. Their members enjoy a user-friendly mobile navigation.
Topic'it is 100% free for users and for forums owners !
Topic'it supports French, German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Greek and Romanian. You can change your language at any time.
The minimum requirements are iOS8 version for Apple devices and the 4.0 version for Android.
Topic'it allows you to access your forum from both smartphone and tablet devices. You can also connect your Topic'it account from several devices at the same time.
Topic'it is compatible with HD displays (Retina display, QHD...)

My account

You can reset your password at anytime either from Topic'it app or from our website. If you forgot your password, go to the connection page or the app and click on "I forgot my password". You will receive an email with all explanations to reset your password.
When you create your account on the website or the app, you will receive an email to validate your email address. If your email is not verified, the Topic'it services won't be available. You can get a new validation email by trying to log in on the website.
Topic'it members can modify their email address from the website or from the app. A validation of the new email address is required to confirm the replacement. Your Topic'it password does not change.


All accounts created on your forum can be used to login into your forums via Topic'it app. Existing accounts are identical on both the internet version and on the app. Conversely, you can login into forums on the net by using your Topic'it accounts !
All contents you publish on your forum from the app is immediately visible on the net. And vice versa ! Moreover, Topic'it respects forum permissions. If the content is written on a private section, only members with the permissions accesses can see the content.
Yes, you can send private messages (PM) from Topic'it, and much more ! You are notified as soon as you receive a new PM, you can easily send PM to the other forum members, ...
Of course ! Topic'it allows you to follow all your favorite forums from one single application. Forums just have to be compatible with Topic'it. If this is not the case, you just have ask to the forum owner to install Topic'it plugin !
You can received real-time notifications for all your forums news: new topic, new reply, new private message... You receive notifications directly on your mobile. Of course, You can choose to be notified or not. All is configurable!
To quickly find a forum on the Topic'it app, it is possible to do a search using its Internet address (URL). To do this, you must access the directory, click on the search icon and fill in the address of the forum. Be careful, it's important to enter the exact address of the forum: start with http or https, with or without www, ... Once the complete address is filled in, the forum should appear.
On the Topic'it Directory, you can find a forum by browsing categories or by searching by keywords. Warning: only forums in the same language as your Topic'it account are visible. So you can easily discover forums related to your interests and in your language. If you don't find a specific forum, or in another language, it's advisable to search for a forum by URL.

My forum

Once registered, your forum will immediately appear on the Topic'it directory. Then, you can choose the closest category of your forum theme. Thus, all Topic'it users will easily find your forum.
You can register a private forum on Topic'it. The app permissions respect your forum permissions. For your forum to be 100 % private, you just need to deactivate new registrations and change the settings not to appear in Topic'it directory.
For the moment, you cannot remove ads on Topic'it. In a future release, you will be able to browse the App without any ad. Moreover, Topic'it is committed to display only acceptable ads without any redirection.
If you have a phpBB 3.1 or 3.2 forum and you didn't customize the BBCode balises, the YouTube videos sent from the Topic'it app might not work. Indeed, Topic'it displays YouTube videos from the BBCode [Youtube] that is not on the phpBB forums.

To display the YouTube videos, you have to add this BBCode balise [youtube]. How to do it:
  1. In your administration panel, go in "Messages" then "BBCodes"
  2. In the "BBCode use" section, add: [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}[/youtube]
  3. In the "HTML code replacement" section, add: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="{IDENTIFIER}" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. In the "Help" section, add [youtube]URL of the "video share" option[/youtube]
  5. Check the case "Display on the page of a message" then click on "Send"

Monetization & SEO

As the owner of an external forum (not hosted on Forumotion), you have the possibility to monetize your mobile audience and generate advertising revenues on Topic'it.

For that, you must create an account on the MoPub ad network. You will then need to configure it to get and insert your own ad tags in your Topic'it user area.

The rate of Revenue Sharing, between you and Topic'it, can change over time. Nevertheless, you have the certainty of earning at least 50% of the advertising revenue generated by your forum.
You can use your own Google Analytics tracking ID. However, make sure to select "Mobile App" as the type of property you want to track. More information here: Mobile App Analytics Help Center
Topic'it automatically integrates the App Indexing for both Android and iOS. You just have to register your forum on Google Search Console and approve the request. You can find all steps on this tutorial: App Indexing on Google Search (from Step 8)
Registering your forum on Topic'it improves your mobile search engine ranking. With the App Indexing, Google will consider your forum 100% mobile-friendly and give a ranking boost to your forum pages. More over, Google announced they will show more content from indexed apps in their search results pages: Finding more mobile-friendly search results

Plugin & API

Currently, only Forumotion forums and phpBB 3.1 and 3.2 forums are compatible with Topic'it. Other plugin versions will be available soon, such as vBulletin, Invision and punBB forums. The forum software detail is available here : plugins Topic'it
To add your forum on Topic'it, you just have to install Topic'it plugin (See plugins) then create an account and connect to the website. The link "Register a forum" will be immediately available. If you need help, you can contact our technical support.
For all Forumotion forums, no installation is required. For the other forums software, there are two options: 1. Install the Topic'it plugin (no technical skills needed. Follow our installation guide) 2- Create your own plugin thanks to the Topic'it API, the documentation, and our technicians help.
All administrators can register several forums through one single account. You can add an unlimited number of forums via Topic'it website. Then, all your forums will be directly added to your Topic'it profile.